Thursday, March 30, 2006

What's a HOBO?

A lot of folks Q-ed me - What's a Hobo? Well, to cut a long story short, here's my answer - courtesy {check out the site, it's worked-up with Hoboism}

For those who need to know the differences...

A Hobo is a person that travels to work
A tramp is a person that travels and wont work
A bum is a person that will neither travel or work

A CyberHobo is a person who travels and works, but most of all has a lot of fun! A CyberHobo's work is on computers, internet, etc. (whatever for money) Wannabies go here...

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Assam Jumbo Jets to LA

A small-budget documentary film - In search of a Job - on the struggle and pain of unemployed elephants of Assam has been selected for screening at Hollywood's Silver Lake Film Festival in Los Angeles.

The film, made by journalist Mrinal Talukdar, has been selected as Special Invitation Film and the filmmaker has been invited to attend the Festival from March 23 to 30 next.

The festival's Fusion Asian Cinema Programme Director Erika Kao-Haley said in a faxed statement that as the documentary has been selected as a Special Invitation Film, Talukdar would get the services of the Festival's marketing and media campaign to assist with promoting the film to the press, general audience and Hollywood filmmaking and distribution community.

The festival is one of the largest independent and critically acclaimed film festivals in Los Angeles devoted to discovering cutting edge movies.

The film made in 2005 focuses on 1200 domestic unemployed elephants of Assam along with their mahouts, who are desperate to find an alternative means of livelihood, after Supreme Court banned timber felling in forests of North East and the elephants lost their primary means of livelihood.

Meanwhile, the Paris-based 'Des Elephants Et Des Hommes' has also included the documentary in their Hall of Fame as one of the important movies made on elephant.